Plain Text Table

Interactively create and edit tables and export them to plain text

Huh ?

At a lot of places, like Stackoverflow questions/answers, source code comments, plain text emails etc. HTML tables are not an option. We can always format ascii characters to simulate tables but unless you are a ninja with keyboard, doing so is a headache.

This web based tool provides a dead simple way for doing just that - sans the PITA.

Your table

Click to edit cell, Right click for options



Horizontal Header:

Vertical Header:

Horizontal Top Border:

Horizontal Inner Header Border:

Horizontal Inner Border:

Horizontal Bottom Border:

Vertical Left Border:

Vertical Inner Header Border:

Vertical Inner Border:

Vertical Right Border:

ASCII intersection character:

Ensure a padding of one space in each cell.

Click on the image to select one of the predefined style: